Mobile Applications Development

Shimara Applications specialized in mobile applications ( native) development for iOS and Android.
Our main goal is to supply full solution, from the stage of defining your idea and requirements,
technical software design that emphasizes the main and important functions for the project success, through Graphic design and of course software development and support.

Mobile applications development consists of several stages:

Software Design
This is the first and most important stage of the development.
This is the stage where the project is defined and fully detailed.
The software design process is when all the important thinking is done, trying to think about all possible scenarios and to define between important and less important parts of the project.

Skipping this stage or doing it partially or not professionally, will cause delays and extra costs in the best case or will cause complete project failure, in the worst case.
Technical Software design is the project base and the development cannot start without it.

Why do we need software design document?
This is an important document which defines the project scope precisely and leaves no gaps, so that developers, graphic designers, etc., can start working accordingly with no questions to stop their work.
This document is also made for you, so you'll know exactly what you are going to get at the end of the development with no surprises. You can get and compare price offers accordingly.
It keeps work smooth, with no arguments and miss understanding,
You will also be used as a base to the demo app or presentation you need to prepare for potential investors. You will leave an impression of a very serious entrepreneur that knows exactly how his application going to work, until the very minor detail, because at the end of the software design process you will know everything there is to know about your project, even if you don't have technical background.

From my experience, often I work with entrepreneurs that came at first with a software design document they wrote, but at the end of the process they get completely different document that is nothing to do with their first written document.
During this process I guide the entrepreneur to focus on the most important things of his project, and leave other ideas to the next stage of the project. I also make him think about many scenarios that haven't crossed his mind so far and together we decide what should enter the first stage scope and what don't, so that we keep the project within its budget limits.

What a software design includes?
The software design process includes several meetings with the entrepreneur for some brainstorming, which accordingly I prepare the first draft of the design. The document includes full description of the application, all its screens, the input and output, different modules and functions, the logic behind each screen, the server logic, the application flow and navigation, etc.
The document often includes detailed design of a management system which is needed for the application operation entrepreneur.
But this not the end of the design process. After the textual documentation is done, I prepare the UX of the mobile application screen, in order to make the design visual and to discover any problems or gaps in the textual design.

The design process is a standalone process and does not bind the entrepreneur to develop the application with us.

Graphic Design
The next stage is to prepare the graphic concept and branding of the application, and of course to design the application screens accordingly and prepare it for the development use.
The graphic design is based on the UX document from the software design stage.
Often the graphic designer adds it's insights to the applications screens.

Applications Development
When the software design is done and the graphics are ready, the developer can start developing the mobile application. If all previous stages are done professionally and completely, the developer can work straight with minimal problems and questions that leads to smooth programming process which can be done fast and within the deadlines, while avoiding any extra costs.
When the applications are developed in Native, it means the application is developed twice – one for iOS and one for Android.
It is highly recommended not to develop both apps in parallel, but to develop for one platform and make sure everything that was planned is correct (you will always have some insights and changes after seeing the app in real) and only then to develop the app for the second platform, so you won;t need to make the changes twice.
The development is done also in several stages – first version (alpha) contains most of the functionality and it is presented to the entrepreneur for some insights and tests.
His comments are implemented and a second version is done (beta), which contains the full and complete application functionality and is presented to the entrepreneur after end-of-development tests.
After the entrepreneur approval, the application is ready to be launch to the applications' store.

Mobile Application Marketing
After the new application is published, the entreprenuer real work starts.
Now its time to start market the application so its audience will know about it.
It is highly recommended to start first with the pilot group of the audience in order to get some feedback, which accordingly you'll decide if you need to add/remove/change something from the application before marketing in full range.
It is best to market the app with a specialized mobile marketing company. there are many ways to markt mobile application, so it's best to let the professional do their job.
Remember, marketing application which us active and has users, needs to be maintained and updated and sometimes upgraded, so the development team stays with you along the way.