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Mobile applications are not used only for games and social networks.

They can be used as tools for business and organizations to make work process more efficient and to save a lot of time (workers time) and money


One of our clients is a company that supplies cosmetic machines and with the use of a mobile application they have succeeded to:

– Save up to 30% of technicians costs per month (Dozens of thousands of Shekels per month)

– Significantly increased customer satisfaction

– Create a new sales platform for the end customer 

(Although it's only a side affect, it can double the sales)

– More information and better understanding of the machines use and end customer behavior, which makes their marketing more effective and precise and their customer service better.

– Developing this application Placed them immediately in differentiation against competitors



I believe I can do thee same thing in your company!



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Examples of Digital Solutions for Business

A solution for false hours report from field workers

Some companies have field workers and it's important their job will be done from a certain location and time. In such situations it happens from time to time that employees report false data, from wrong location, wrong time and wrong total job hours.

By giving them a mobile app as a tool to report the data and work hours, you can make sure they do it exactly at the right location and time and can follow their amount of hours while in the required location. 



Following deliveries and Messengers

In companies that deal with deliveries, often there is a problem to get true details about the delivery in the field. The problem can happen in 2 ways:

– Customer service cannot give reliable status

– The end user wants to know the status online without the need to call customer service all the time.


In that case you can save a lot of time (customer service time) by using a mobile application which is connected to the company's system and can update the customer in real time about the delivery status. It will enable the company to keep just a small team of customer service and make their clients very happy, and it is well known that a happy customer is a buying customer 🙂


An example for that is Pizza deliveries or custom made jewelry or furniture.


Filling out forms and data validation

When part of the company's activity involves filling out forms in the field, wrong data is very common. People make mistakes. But if they use a mobile application for the forms they fill out, the amount of mistakes can be decreased significantly. 

It is possible to double-check the data they enter in real time and make sure everything is correct while still out in the field, so in case of an error they can correct it immediately – it saves the need to send the employee to the same job once again and lose a lot of money. 


Reading and analyzing data from remote devices

If your company supplies equipment to end customers and you also supplies service to this equipment, it can be highly helpful to be able to connect the equipment from remote in order to get current status, information, problems and also to remotely controlled the equipment. 

It will save a huge amount of technician time, so it will eventually save a lot of money to the company and make their service much better and faster.


Examples for such companies:

– BT devices – such as in cars

– Security equipment that can be remotely controlled with SMS

– WIFI connection to audio devices

– etc.


An example for simple use of Mobile App:

– Questionnaires – saves human sources and data validation and make the data analysis very fast and simple.



Our clients, saved dozens of thousands Shekels per month, by using a mobile applications we developed for them, designed exactly to their company's needs and requirements.

We believe we can do the same in your company!



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