Tehilim with Friends

This is a social Tehilim application that helps unite the community in prayer

· Now friends from across the globe can easily invite each other to join voices in saying Tehilim together

· See each other and encourage each other in real time as you say Tehilim for your most important causes: Refua shlema, IluY Neshama

· The app enables you to mutually dedicate Tehilim by several portions: full book, 30 days, 7 days, or daily

· The app tracks and records all the Tehilim sessions that friends organize to say with each other

· Your personal tally grows each time an invited friend signs up to say Tehilim with you

· Experience the power of sharing as every friend of your friend who joins up increases your Tehilim Zechut and adds to your count

· Watch as one small act of goodness spreads throughout the whole world and helps bring Moshiach Now!

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