A mobile app to support Leonardo LTD. customers. It enables the user to manage their clients progress and details including specific data from each treatment.

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Android app for phone and tablet to practice piano playing with the most new songs. The app enables to use several songs for free and

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Android app that connects brands and companies who want to advertise their product with people all over the world that can create short unique and

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iPhone and Android app which connects suppliers and buyers in various fields such as food, office supply, cosmetics, etc. Buyers can handle they shopping list

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Tzedaka App

iPhone and Android app for donations. Users can purchase vouchers for charity foundations around the world and then donate money using those vouchers for specific

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Shiri & Numi

Mobile app for the “Shiri & Numi” – kids idols. The user can watch clips, review the shows schedule and vote on live during show.

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iPhone and Android App that enables the user to store documents/photos/etc. in virtual drawers. The was developed for HZRT LTD. Currently, they storage is for

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Mobile app developed for HP Enterprise for their salemen in order to demonstrate their products for clients and on shows. The app simulate a Bank

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iPhone and Android app for employees to report their monthly expenses. Companies can purchase a subscription and start using the system backoffice in order to

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Social location based iPhone app, which allows users to connect with others, create discussion groups, upload photos and videos in the chats. Also, users can

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Android app developed for a security company that supplies security camouflage cameras. The app is used by the company clients in order to remote manage

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